Published: Thursday, 29 November 2018
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Thai Master Inter Law And Accounting Co., Ltd. offers the uniquely OneStopServices for business in Thailand: Visa, Work Permit, establishing Business and Partnership Companies as well as Investment in Thailand.

Our further services are: Retirement Visa, Resident Application, Marriage Application, One-Year Thaivisa, Re-Entry Permits, Overstay Clearance, Law-, Business- and Investment Consulting.

Thai Master Inter Law and Accounting Company Limited is pleased to provide you the consulting services on business operation and legal inhibition in Thailand.

Thai Master Inter Law and Accounting Company Limited has over 15 years experience on providing legal services, registration services for company and limited partnership, application for work permit for foreigners, and visa application for residing in Thailand, intellectual property registration, and application for other licenses.

Thai Master Inter Law and Accounting Company Limited has long experiences on providing accounting services and financial statement preparation as well as accounting audit according to accounting standards and laws in order to facilitate your business operation smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, our company also provides some specific services requested by you. We will provide some suggestions helping to complete your work rapidly and efficiently. You are able to select these services from the left-hand side column and if you have any question or suggestion, Contact Formular us via our e-mail, telephone number, or fax. We ensure that you can be confident with the quality of our services in all aspects. You are able to contact us in English, German, and Thai.We appreciate and have the pleasure to offer you our extensive One-Stop Services for you and your company.

Our company is so glad to service you in the form of one stop service.

Yours faithfully,
Thai Master Inter Law and Accounting Company Limited

Registration service for all types of business

Thai Master Inter Law and Accounting Company Limited is delighted to provide convenience to all entrepreneurs through our registration service for all types of business. We assist to contact with Department of Commercial Registration/ Revenue Department, precede all legal procedures correctly, and provide free consulting to all related matters as follows:

Registration Service for Company – Limited Partnership Establishment

When you wish to do any business, you may not know how to start or how to do or whom you should go for consulting. You may wonder where to find your proper consultant or if such consultant is reliable or worthwhile or not, for example. There may be several problems causing you a headache on limited time and daily obstacles that are more severe.

For those problems, we are glad to volunteer ourselves to solve your problems if you only trust us to address those problems. You will receive immediate resolution and suggestions correctly and rapidly. Whatever formats your business will be operated in, either company or partnership or juristic body, we would like to provide our brief explanation which form of business is the most proper or the most difficult or the most worthwhile. Actually, these is no format better than others but they are different on investment partners and liability of the partners, i.e., in the event of establishing as the partnership, only two registered partners are sufficient for establishing the partnership while three registered partners, for at least, are required as the entrepreneurs or the partners or the shareholders for establishing the company. In addition, another difference between partnership and company establishment is investment, i.e., other materials (e.g., assets or labor) are able to be invested for establishing the partnership (however, it is not preferred practically because money investment is easier for inspection) while the capital of company’s investment must be divided in shares with at least three shareholders. Moreover, the liability of partners between the company and partnership is also different, i.e., for partnership, the liability of the partners shall be in accordance with the amount of invested capital or unlimited liability upon the characteristics of the partnership. For company, the liability of partners shall be in accordance with the number of holding shares.

After learning the similarities and differences between partnership and company, you are able to learn more details of partnership and company establishment by clicking on our first page. After establishing limited partnership or ordinary partnership or limited company, it is considered that you have already established as the legal juristic person (the juristic person is the group of persons established according to legal procedures or registration and separated from natural individual). After being the juristic person, your organization will be involved with government authorities upon your business characteristics, for example, if your organization is the manufacturer of any product that is innovated or created by you and you wish to be the exclusive owner of such product prohibiting others from imitating such product, your organization must be involved with Department of Intellectual Property. If your organization aims to import or export any cigarette or liquor, your organization must be involved with Excise Department orCustoms Department. If your organization aims to operate the restaurant business, your organization must be involved with Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, etc. However, there is one authority that every organization has to be involved unavoidably, that is, Revenue Department of Ministry of Finance. It is the authority with responsibility on supervising and collecting taxes and duties of all businesses operated by any organization or any natural individual earning any income in Thailand. Thai laws define that you have to enter into any taxation tax (e.g., withholding tax or VAT) after registering as the juristic person, either in the form of limited partnership or limited company or ordinary partnership. Minimally, there shall be Tax ID Number of your organization within the due date; otherwise, it shall be illegal. Although your business is not operated or earns no income, you have to obtain Tax ID Number for your business. From this fact, it could be seen that the laws of revenue Department are enforceable immediately and so strict. Therefore, if you have knowledge or expertise on these laws or have no time to supervise this matter, your organization may encounter with some problems and it may always be required to clarify with revenue Department. If your business’ taxation system fails to meet with terms and conditions defined by the Revenue Code of Revenue Department, it is difficult to defend against or defeat the Revenue Department in the event that your business is audited by tax assessor.

As a result, if you have an organization supervising such process for you, all difficult problems on taxes and duties will be supervised and corrected properly according to defined laws. Consequently, your business will be further operated flowingly and stably.

After perceiving what we mentioned above, we, Thai Master Inter Law and Accounting Company Limited, would like to propose ourselves as the organization who will be responsible for such process as well as all related works upon your business field (as shown in the service network of the first page) for you.

Thai Master Inter Law and Accounting Company Limited provides you the one stop service for company and partnership registration, VAT registration, accounting, 1-year visa application, and 1-year work permit application.